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There are three ways you can find upcoming events.

1. You can locate the Categories section on the right sidebar. Upon locating it, you should see a list of categories under the label. Find and click on the Events category. When you do, you will be taken to view a list of posts regarding to events sorted by the most recent event related posts.

2. You can locate the Upcoming Events section on the right sidebar. Upon locating it, you should see five events related posts. There should be a list of calendar events under the posts with date icon, events title, and event time. Click on a event in that list and it will take you to the event details.

3. You can click on the Calendar top navigation item. When you do, it will take you to the calendar page. The page sorts all events by its date.

You can also visit the link below:

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You can find the gallery by clicking on the media drop down menu from the top navigation. The drop down would pull up a list of menu items. Click on the Gallery button and it will take you to the gallery page. From here, click on any of the image to open the gallery viewer.

You can also visit this link which takes you straight to the page:

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Front Page: The front page is the brand name page of a website. The front page is the page that appears when a user navigates to The front page is consist of various promotional content for the brand. The front page has contents such as recent news, information about the brand name, and profiles for the members that contributes to the brand name.

Blog Page: The blog page shows all posts made by the brand editor. These posts are sorted by the most recent. A visitor can read the post and leave a comment if desired. By default the blog page will show 5 posts. Older posts can be viewed by click on the “old posts” link at the bottom of the blog page.

Gallery Page: The gallery page consist of pictures provided by the editor. One may click on a picture listed on the page to open the gallery viewer. The gallery view provides the ability to browse through the gallery with additional functions. The gallery viewer have the clear button on the top left, the exit button on the top right, the previous, play, and forward button on the center top. The gallery viewer also provides the previous and forward button on the left and right side of the screen. Along the bottom of the gallery viewer is the gallery navigation bar.

Video Page: The video page hosts a collection of youtube videos provided by the brand youtube account. A user can view videos with functionalities provided by youtube.

Document Page: All of the pages under the documents dropdown provides information relating to the brand. One can find things like newsletter, minutes, and financials under the documents dropdown.

Contact Page: One may contact the admin, or the editors using the contact form on contact page.

FMCA Page: This link will take the user to the FMCA website.

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Brand Name: The brand name of the page is the name that presents the page as a whole. The brand name can be found on the top left corner of the page in the top navigation menu.

Top navigation: The top navigation is the navigation menu at the top of every page. This navigation menu consist of the brand name on the left and pages on the right. One may navigate the pages on this website using the navigation menu.

Sidebar: The sidebar is a list of navigation menu separated by sections on the right hand side of some pages. One may find the categories section, recent area news, upcoming events, and functionalities like the search bar on the sidebar.

Content: The content is anything below the top navigation menu.

Footer: The footer is a section of text located at the bottom of the page.

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Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA RV Club) is the world’s largest non-profit RV group. Members have exclusive access to RV discount club savings, RV lifestyle resources, a monthly RV living magazine, RV rallies & more. Join our family at

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